By Dan Taylor - Global Sales Manager, BGW systems

See it at cinemacon 2015, BGW booth #2803
Montebello, CA, April 14, 2015. BGW Systems, a division of Amplifier Technologies, Inc.
has announced installation of the first VXi Series Immersive Sound power amplifiers at
Classic Cinemas 10 in Elk Grove Village, IL. Classic selected the BGW VXi because of its
unique ultra-performance design that has previously only been affordable for price
insensitive audiophile applications.

The BGW VXi is the first cinema amplifier that is fully balanced differential, from input
all the way to the loudspeakers. Its Class AB operation with fully linear power supplies
and ultra-low distortion ThermalTrak TM output transistors was previously not
economically feasible for cinema use. Now, new components and circuitry have resulted
in a significant reduction in cost over similar high performance amplifiers.

Alan Gilbertson, Classic Cinemas’ chief of technical services, said “We have been
installing BGW’s for several decades because of superior audio quality, but I could hear
the improvement with the VXi immediately. Dialog has never been so clear.”

Morris Kessler, president of BGW/ATI and designer of the VXi said, “This amp is a game
changer for cinema audio. It has superior clarity, is twice as fast with twice the dynamic
range, impossible to overdrive and dead quiet. These are performance characteristics of
the expensive high end home theater amplifiers ATI produces, but the BGW VXi is cost
competitive with the digital switching amplifiers used in today’s cinemas.”

The VXi can be configured with 16 x 200W, 8 x 400W, 4 x 800W channels or
combinations to total 3200W per chassis. Featuring current feedback and dual DC servos,
signal-to-noise ratio approaches a staggering 128 dB, slew rate is greater than 60V/uSec
and damping factor greater than 400.

John F. Allen, High Performance Stereo founder and president, responsible for assisting
in the design and installation of the BGW VXi in the HPS-4000 ® sound systems at
Classic’s Elk Grove Cinema 10 said, “HPS is proud to be the very first to use balanced
differential power amplifiers in modern cinema sound systems, and will use the VXi
Series exclusively in all future HPS-4000 installations. In addition to stunning music and
effects, they deliver the clearest dialog we’ve ever had.” He added that the first complete
cinema complex to be entirely equipped with these amplifiers will be the R/C Theatres
Lexington Exchange Movies 12, opening later this year in California, MD.Attendees at CinemaCon 2015 can see the VXi Immersive Sound power amplifiers in the
BGW booth, #2803 in the Augustus Ballroom at Caesars Palace, April 21-23.

About BGW Systems: BGW is a division of Amplifier Technologies, Inc., Montebello, CA.
which ATI acquired in 2003. Back in 1974, BGW was chosen by Universal Studios to
supply power amplifiers for use in movie theaters worldwide. These amplifiers were an
integral part of Universal's Sensurround® sound system featured in EARTHQUAKE,
MIDWAY and ROLLERCOASTER. During that period, thousands of BGW amplifiers were
purchased by Universal. Many are still in use today in Universal Studios’ theme parks.
In its 40+ years, Amplifier Technologies has become one of the leading OEM suppliers of
high end consumer and professional amplifiers for several of the audio industry’s largest
manufacturers. ATI specializes in the design and manufacture of balanced-differential
amplifiers. This special class of amplifier is known for exceptionally low distortion and
speed, resulting in a sound clarity that cannot be achieved with standard unbalanced
amplifiers. For more information, visit

About HPS-4000: High Performance Stereo is the developer and exclusive distributor of
the computer-designed, digital-ready HPS-4000 sound system. HPS was founded with
the goal of improving motion picture sound systems. The HPS-4000® sound systems
were first introduced in 1980 and continue to evolve today with new driver technology.
In 1984, HPS was the first to bring digital sound to a commercial movie theatre. For
more information, visit

About Classic Cinemas: Classic Cinemas, based in Downers Grove, Illinois, is a family-
owned business, run by Willis, Shirley and Chris Johnson. It began in 1978 with the
operation of the Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove. Today the company operates 13
theaters in 12 communities with a total of 104 screens. Having received numerous
accolades for business excellence, preservation, community service, and accessibility,
Classic Cinemas endeavors to be the hometown theatre of choice in the Chicago area. For
more information visit